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GoG contests!

Post  Froggyhiphops on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:36 pm

Besure to look at my other contest called GoG. Anyway, I have a few contests for Guardians of Gahoole. Whoever can make the best banner for The Outcast (book Cool will recieve a BM item. I have a little quiz too. Anyone can enter. It's all about the Guardians of GaHoole, The Outcast, book 8:

1. What does Nyroc change his name to?

Hint: reverse

2. Which wolf has a crooked leg

3. What happens to a mad wolf:

a.Foaming mouth
b.Hard breathing
c.Both of these

4. Who does Nyra murder:

a. The roguesmith of Silverviel
b. Phillip
c. Other
d. A and B

Here is another quiz just anout owls (make sure that when you submit your answers at the top of the answers you write quiz one and quiz two.):

How far can owls spin their heads?

Which owl has a white, moon shaped facial disk?

What are three things owl eat?

How many talons does an owl have on each foot.

You don't have to do both quizzes. Whatever things you win, you earn a BM item or just an item.


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